Thursday, June 3, 2010

Norway Excursion of the Month: Sea Eagle Safari

sea eagle safari in norway
On the Southbound voyages from Kirkenes to Bergen you can join on one of the most exciting excursions Hurtigruten can offer in the summer: Sea Eagle Safari. You will get close to this majestic eagle and get a memory for life.

First you will follow the Hurtigruten ship into the Trollfjord where it turns around in the narrow fjord, a magnificent sight!

The sea eagle safari begins when you leave the fjord Trollfjorden, starting with the gulls, as they dive for fish right from your hand.

You then pass through a narrow sound flanked by a range of steep mountains - this is where the sea eagles dwell and soon enough they come flying in to get a share of the banquet. These beautiful, rare birds of prey circle the boat a few times, with wings outstretched, before we throw fish into the sea for them to dive in and collect.

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