Thursday, June 3, 2010

"A pivotal moment in Earth's climate history with Greenland at the epicenter"

Jason Box
As we have already written on our blog, climatologist expert Jason Box will join Hurtigruten's "In the Wake of the Vikings" , which is a 14-day odyssey aboard the deluxe 318-passenger MS Fram that follows in the wake of the ancient Norsemen from Iceland to Greenland and then onto Canada’s Labrador and Newfoundland.

Making use of multimedia lectures and Q&A sessions, Dr. Box will leave Hurtigruten's guests with a clearer understanding of one of the world's most discussed climate issues, global warming, and its effect on Greenland’s glaciers and climate.

"We bear witness to a pivotal moment in Earth's climate history with Greenland at the epicenter of that change -- as its glaciers react to the planet's warming," explains Dr. Box. "During my lectures, I will be focusing on the current state of research undertaken by myself and other leading scientists and discuss some of the possible solutions and options available."

Other onboard experts from numerous disciplines, including geology, marine life, environment, history and culture, will also be on hand and will join the landings and shore excursions where passengers have the chance to get close to the culture, wildlife and communities of Greenland’s most isolated areas.

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