Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Greenland is Melting

Glaciologist Jason Box has been testing a Moulin, a shaft that allows water to travel from the glacier's surface to its bottom, in a glacier on the Greenland ice cap to find out how fast it is melting.

According to Dr Box, “The Moulin is the epicentre of our concern because all the water is channeling down at this one point.

Watch how the team balanced on the edge of an ice sheet and used a flow meter to measure the water speed.

Jason Box says: “We’re in the midst of a climate catastrophe and glaciers are the epicentre of that problem. Glaciers are decanting into the oceans at shocking rates and I want to stop that.”

Join Dr. Box, an expert on climate change and Greenland—called “Ground Zero for global warming” by National Geographic—and the crew of the MS Fram as they retrace the legendary routes first plied by Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson more than a millennium ago. In between port calls at the vibrant, cosmopolitan city scenes of Reykjavik and Halifax, be enlightened by Box’s lectures and discussions while reveling in the legion natural and historical wonders that dot the shores of Greenland, Labrador, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia. Set a course for education, entertainment, and enthralling experiences. This Sept. 26th, Hurtigruten steps back in time and looks into the future while cruising to some of the world’s most spectacular shores!

14-day In the Wake of the Vikings

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