Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sonja Henie

Sonja Henie is one of the many Norwegians who came to America and made a great career there. Henie became a big star in in film and show business. Here is a clip from 1945 showing some of her outstanding technique and showwomanship.

At the height of Sonja Henie's fame, her shows and touring activities brought her as much as $2 million per year. She also had numerous lucrative endorsement contracts, and deals to market skates, clothing, jewelry, dolls, and other merchandise branded with her name. These activities made her one of the wealthiest women in the world in her time.

Sonja Henie's Films

In 1961 Sonja Henie and her husband Niels Onstad donated their art collection to a Public Trust, which bears their names. In 1968 The Henie Onstad Art Centre at Høvikodden near Oslo was opened to the public.

Other famous Norwegians who became big stars in America include Kirsten Flagstad and Stein Eriksen. Read more about them and other Norwegians on Hurtigruten.us.

Who would you say are the most famous Norwegians?

More videos of Sonja Henie on YouTube

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