Friday, October 15, 2010

Norway: Photo of the Month: Northern Lights

Is there a better way to experience the magical Northern Lights than by sailing through the sheltered coastal waters of Arctic Norway on an award-winning Hurtigruten Northern Lights Cruise? Relax on board, with the chance to see the magical Northern Lights set against a dark sky, free from artificial light. As you glide through the Arctic twilight, you become one with the peaceful atmosphere that descends around you. Clusters of houses glow like embers along the coast, small towns become welcoming refuges as you pull into harbour, and snow-clad mountains reflect the polar light to bathe you in eerie shades.

Norway means Aurora borealis up north in the winter, narrow fjords, beautiful mountains, skiing, skating, Nobel's Peace Prize, glaciers, sea eagles, the midnight sun and spectacular untouched nature.

With Hurtigruten you can experience a lot of this on the cruises along the coast of Norway - all year round.

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