Wednesday, June 9, 2010

getting excited!

We're beginning to plan the voyage "in the wake of the Vikings"!

There are few things remaining on my to do in Greenland list, visiting the Norse ruins was on of them. I have read widely on the topic and visited some of the ruins. This trip will allow me to fill in some important blanks. To see 1. the church as Hvalsey (the best-preserved Norse Greenland ruins!) and the North American ruins at L'Anse sux Meadows (North America discovered ~500 years before Christopher Columbus!) are both big game sites to see.

I've actually take a ship through Prins Christian Sound and by the highest sea cliffs in the world at Torsukatat; part of the voyage.

I'm excited my parents are joining the voyage.

We're doing a pre-tour in Iceland.

Exciting stuff!

Jason Box

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