Sunday, August 15, 2010

How Wrong Is It Possible to Write "Hurtigruten"?

Norwegian Cruise - Fjords Cruise in Norway - Hurtigruten USThe Norwegian cruise line Hurtigruten makes it difficult sometimes for Americans to find it in search engines because Americans don't understand what the word means. This makes it therefore difficult to write.

For Norwegians it is not that difficult to write "Hurtigruten." Error sources are usually the first letter (should it be capital or lower case H?) and the silent (not pronounced) letter g. And Norwegians understand the two parts the compound "Hurtigruten" is composed of: "Hurtig" (meaning "fast") and "rute(n) (which means "route") - ships sailing regularly up and down the Norwegian coast. Some years ago, this voyage was fast; now our customers don't take this cruise for the speed.

Below you can see a list of how Americans write Hurtigruten wrong when when searching for the company or cruises Hurtigruten offers. For Norwegians some of the misspelling are quite funny, but they are very understandable. When you do not understand what the word is composed of, it is not easy to write it correctly.

  • hertegruten
  • hertigruten
  • hrutegarten
  • hurdigen norway cruise
  • hurtegruten
  • hurtengruten
  • hurtgruten
  • hurtig ruten
  • hurtigan
  • hurtigen
  • hurtigeruten
  • hurtigren
  • hurtigrten
  • hurtigrunten
  • hurtigrutan
  • hurtigrute
  • hurtigrute
  • hurtigrutenus
  • hurtigrutin
  • hurtigrutin fram
  • hurtigrutten
  • hurtigtuten opera voyage
  • hurtigurten
  • hurtiguta
  • hurtiguten
  • hurtihruten
  • hurtingruten
  • hurtingrutin
  • hurtinguten
  • hurtiruten
  • hurtrigen
  • hurtzegrutin cruise line
  • hutengruten
  • hutigruten
  • hutigruten us
  • hutrigruten
  • huttigruten
  • hutygruten

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  1. Haha, Before i learned Norwegian I used to call it Huritingen :)